Accsess Map

It's in the middle of Okinawa, so where, I go, convenient.
A super convenience is easy for the person who doesn't have
with a rental car to spend in neighborhood, too.

Guest House Dining Bar Yagunanosora

〒904-0204 Kadena-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa letter 408, Mizugama HN7226
Tel.098-955-6107 Hand.090-9789-6404

When you're coming by bus.

I take number 120 bus from the airport.
I get off at a "Kaihinkouenmae" bus stop in Kadena-cho.
I go to a bus stop to receive.

When you're coming by Rent a car

I move north through route 58 for 1 hour from Naha.
I turn left at the light in a place beyond McDonald's in Kadena.
I advance towards a bump and turn left.
When I'm running through the way just as it is, just before going out to a sea, there is an inn.

Tourist spot around the Guest House

The recommendation spot I can walk from YAGUNA and details in the required time to the tourist spot are carried, so please come to going out and reference of a travel plan.(≧▽≦)/   >>>To a guide page.