Okinawa time to have time by an isolated house for 1 minute on foot to the sea.
We'll meet you like the family.Good Okinawa dish and liquor are the inn which can be enjoyed.
Many encounter be healed here, please.I'm waiting.

What kind of inn is the YAGUNA??

The Guest House received as the family, not a guest.

By a dialect in Okinawa, YAGUNA is the family.
There are many Mr. repeaters who are thinking
this inn is a house and are returning.


I'm also relieved at female traveling alone by all means.
More than 70 % of a guest is a female Guest House.

The number of Mr. female repeater is very large.
So you can spend Mr. family surely, too.
A lot of guests visit by word-of-mouth communication and introduction.

Really good dish and liquor juxtapose
the dining bar which can be enjoyed.

The Ryukyu creation dish is true, nonesuch!!!
There are many guests who come to enjoy a dish, too.
A dining from the sunset is the best guest house.

It's played by a musical instrument in Okinawa, and
it's the guest house which can enjoy Okinawa folk song.

A staff plays music in Okinawa and delights a guest.
I'm also playing the music in Okinawa at an inn.
Live broadcasting will also answer to a request.

It's 1 minute on foot to the sea.
The best place as which sunset
in a superb view can be judged every day.

A sea isn't a beach, it's coral, so there are also many fish.
It's very suitable for change and a snorkel.
Please enjoy sea play.

Igo to a festival of fireworks and an event to
judge from staying guest all the members.

I participate in a festival around here and
a recommended event by everyone.
Information is given to a first person from here, too.。

I go to a camp by a guest and 30 people
in a desert island once every year.

I go to a camp with 30 people in a desert island in
October every year as an event of a guest house.
An encounter here is a treasure.