Sea breeze Dining Bar

  • After playing much,
    please be healed from the
    inside of a body for
    a good dish and good liquor.

Particular Okinawa dish

  • The creation cooking which used the ingredients from Okinawa abundantly.
    The recommendation which used fresh fish in on season.
    Please enjoy more than 30 kinds of dish.


Sashimi GOYA 300yen   Seaweed Omelet 420yen     Fried japanese noodles 580yen   
Okinawa Fried chicken 580yen Cooling Okinawa noodles 520yen     Goya&Pork salad 520yen   
Tacorice 580yen   Okinawan Fish fry 520yen    Pig foot orange Source 580yen   
Okinawa Pork bowl 890yen Seaweed Fried rice 580yen IslandVegetables Pizza 520yen   

All 30 kinds 

Island Drink MENU

  • As well as Orion beer and an awamori.
    The cocktail which seems to be the tropics and
    a bartender original cocktail.
    Please enjoy more than 50 kinds of some liquor


Orion Beer 500yen      Corona 500yen    Awamori 44oyen~  Standard cocktail 500yen    
Route58 580yen  Happy Mango 590yen   Yagunanosora 520yen    Piña Colada 590yen    
chichi 590yen Emerald Beach 490yen Summer Perfume 520yen     Fairy Pace 520yen    
   The Smoothie of tropics 580yen   The Smoothie of tropics 550yen  Awamori sanpin shake 520yen    

All 50 Kinds 

 Dining Bar hours
           L.O 23:30

At a terrace, BBQ courseース

  • There are ingredients, charcoal, ice,
    air conditioner BOX and a hammock.
    A staff cleans from preparations.
    You can order whether a
    drink is brought from a dining bar.
    Please enjoy best BBQ.
  • It needs reservation. 2000 yen for 1 person

Okinawa creation course menu

  • Birthday, celebration and the menus for the groups
    The pleasure different from the ground menu can be tasted.
  • I'll prepare it according to the budget of the customer.
    Please enjoy luxurious night.。
    1500yen~2500yen course
    Standard course
    3000yen~5000yen course
    A form of celebration course
    5000yen~               It needs reservation
    Luxurious course