Real Okinawa time the earth, a person, space and everything
interweave with water, a breeze and the air is here....

Foreigner residential area Okinawa facing the East China Sea.
The guest house through which sea breeze blows and YAGUNA.
Furniture built with all staff and terrace.
It's possible to feel the real Okinawa hour which passes slowly.

Check in P.M15:00~22:00 
Check out A.M11:00 

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dormitory room

  • All beds are also built with hand.
    I have a male room and a female room.

  • 2000 yen for 1 night for 1 person.
    That I'll stay for 7 nights, 12000 yen

Private room

  • A room for 3 bases.
    There is a mattress & a double bed.

  • 3600 yen for 1 night for 1 person.
    2500 yen for 1 night for 2 people.
    2000 yen for 1 night for 3 people.

Common living room

  • Everyone gathers, and
    it's the room with which I talk.
    You can eat and drink.

  • Sale in the inn
    Canned beer of 200 yen
    A soft drink of 100 yen
    Ice of 100 yen
    An awamori of 400 yen

Small common living room

  • The room where a sea in Okinawa
    was imagined and made.


  • Open, the kitchen I tend to use.

    The seasoning is enriched.

  • The restroom bath is being always cleaned cleanly.

Wood deck Terrace

  • There is a big BBQ terrace in outside.
    The nap is also comfortable at a cot.

    Sea breeze is very comfortable in the evening.

    There is also a hammock terrace at the place where a sea is seen.

Sea breeze Dining Bar

  • Anyway the dining where a
    good Okinawa dish is eaten.

    A dish and liquor have the abundant kinds.

    Only something by which the menu is eaten only here.

    Best night is offered to your travel.

Sea in front of the inn

  • The sea where the sunset is
    very beautiful is right in front of the inn.

    There is also much coral,
    so a snorkel and change can also be enjoyed.

    The hill in the neighborhood is
    the superb view spot which
    can be looked around to the southern sea.