Check in 15:00~22:00 Check out 11:00
Free Parking  Max5

Room charge

dormitory  1night  2000yen   1weeks  7night  12000yen    

Private room  1night    1person  1room     3600yen    
                  2person  1room     5000yen    
                  3person  1room       6000yen    
                  child      It's free even 3 years old.   
                Pet              Free    

Private room  1weeks    1person  1room    24000yen    
                  2person  1room    16000yen    
                  3person  1room      13000yen    
                  child      It's free even 3 years old.   
                Pet              Free    

※ A private room is usually for 3 people,
but when you'd like to use it by 4 people, please consult.。

Breakfast service

Chef's breakfast service is put for 500 yen.
(From March, only in October.)

Charter plan

Yaguna Charter plan  1night  30000yen

By no matter how many people I stay overnight,
it's a reserved plan at 30000 yen for 1 night.

The number of people ou consultation


Free Option

・internet/Wi-Fi  ・Air-conditioning  ・Washing machine
・Hair dryer     ・CoolerBOX       ・Cooler/Tea
・DVD      ・Musical instrument      ・Game  
・The bath amenity     ・Living articles      etc・・

※Please bring me bath towels and toothbrushes, etc..